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The times when I am most useful, and people actually learn things by doing.

“Platforms and Practices for Activating Community Knowledge,” Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Virtual Research Symposium. Co-presented with Maxine Gross on the Lakeland Digital Archive, March 2023.

CINE 419E: Digital Storytelling with Archives. University of Maryland undergraduate/graduate course, cross-listed with Cinema & Media Studies, Spring 2022; Spring 2023.

“Collectors’ Knowledge – The Sound Submissions Project of the Radio Preservation Task Force,” Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Continuing Education Webinar, July 2022. Link to Presentation Slides

Case Study: The Lakeland Community Heritage Project, Instructor for the Public Digital Humanities Institute, hosted by the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Kansas, June 2022.

Digital Storytelling Using Audio Primary Sources,” Workshop for the California History-Social Science Project, July 2021. View the full resource list here.

Airtable for Audiovisual Archivists,” Two-day virtual workshop for the Association of Moving Image Archivists Continuing Education Advisory Task Force, May 20-21, 2020.

“Airtable for Audiovisual Archivists,” Workshop at the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, November 2019.

MITH 735: Anatomy of Digital Research. University of Maryland Graduate Seminar, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, and Fall 2020. Co-taught with Purdom Lindblad and Raffaele Viglianti.

Audiovisual Storytelling 101,” Presentation at a MITH Digital Humanities Incubator (DHI) series entitled Movement of the Body & the Black Arts Movement, February 2018. Link to Video Lesson on Vimeo.

The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS): Enhancing Discoverability for Oral History Collections,” Presentation and Workshop, UCLA School of Information, January 2018.

“Mastering Project Management,” Training Session at the American Archive of Public Broadcasting National Digital Stewardship Residency Immersion Week, Boston, MA, July 2016.

ENG 4W: Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing. University of California Los Angeles undergraduate course, Winter 2007, Spring 2007, and Fall 2007. Also spoke at two graduate instructor training courses (ENG 485B) on film pedagogy and teaching film as a text.